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Why You’re So Special: Acceptance and the Adult Baby

The way you hold your favorite stuffed toy close to your chest, the way you smile when daddy pats your diapered bum, the blush of pleasure you get as you sit in your high chair and the bib is tied around your neck, and the way you hide underneath the blanket fort in the living room with one foot sticking out – these things don’t just make me smile, they remind me of how special you are, and what a gift you bring to the world.

As a daddy, I don’t see an adult who acts like a baby or toddler or little boy. I don’t see a role that is turned on or off. I see someone with a magical gift for finding those places inside where we find healing and joy and play.
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What’s Daddy Thinking: The Soaked Sleeper and the Adult Baby

No matter how much daddy might try, he’ll never be able to prevent the occasional night time diaper flooding.

As a daddy to adult babies and diaper lovers, this might cause some distress. Maybe the diapers aren’t the right kind, they weren’t taped up properly, they need extra boosters or your little guy was already wet when you put him down for the night?

I know I’ve come in to find a boy with his Toy Story comforter pulled up to his chin and when I pull it pack I find that the little guy has soaked his Goodnites, his PJs AND the bed!
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Adopting the Adult Baby

Writing this blog has been such a wonderful experience for me. I started it because for years now I’ve explored different sides of who I am and have come to realize a few things: one, caring for someone else gave me some of the greatest joy I’ve experienced; and two, although I sometimes resist it, I’ve always been more of a ‘dad’.

Since inviting your questions and comments, I’ve also discovered that there are a lot more little boys out there who feel the opposite: who they are is who they are, and that they’re looking for, at the least, is a caretaker, time with a ‘dad’, or maybe, just maybe, to be ‘adopted’.
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What’s Daddy Thinking: Why You Mean the World to Me

Last night I was out with friends. Went for dinner, a coffee after, that kind of thing. One of my friends remarked: “You’re in a really good mood” and I just kind of smiled.

See, you do something to me. You specifically, even if we’ve never talked. You make me feel as if maybe, just maybe, people in the world really want a bit of attention and care once you strip away all the careers and cynicism, the mistakes and the grinding things that make up life.

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Questions? Spring them On Me

So a bunch of people on Twitter have been using this application called Formspring to let people ask them questions in an easy format. So I thought I’d follow their lead.

It’s so amazing when people comment on a post. It means the world to me when people reply. So here’s a chance for something a little more open-ended.

So this is a short little post to invite you to ask me questions…I’ll post some or all of the response on this blog. Ask away!

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What Daddy’s Thinking: Creating Safety for the Adult Baby

When an adult baby wakes up in his crib I like to think that it can be like waking from the warmth of sleep and dreams into a sense of safety and security. But there’s a time before that moment, and I’m reminded of it this morning. It’s the time when daddy is awake and his little guy is still sound asleep, paci in his mouth and curled up under his blanky.

It’s in that space just before dawn where daddy can sometimes feel alone but, if he’s lucky, can also remember his connection to something big and important and wonderful.

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Story: Cody, The Diaper Boy Next Door

You sometimes hear the term ‘boy next door’ and it gives you the idea of some sexy kid with floppy hair and a lop-sided grin who drives the neighbors crazy with desire as he mows the lawn.

Now, I’ve never met anyone like that, which isn’t to say you don’t see some kid at the mall or beach and notice everyone stop and stare as he walks by.

But I do have a boy next door and he’s not at all what I would have expected from the common image of some confident kid who makes your heart stop.

His name is Cody and when I first saw him I have to admit that my first thought was ‘cute’, but I quickly put him out of my mind.

After all, I had just moved to the neighborhood and was still busy getting settled. Plus, I don’t have much interest in younger guys. I mean, sure, a 20 year-old can be nice to look at but it makes for challenges when you have another 20 years of experience on top of his age.

I guess I’ve always been more relationship focused – if I’m going to be with someone I want it to be forever and to share some common ground.

So the day I was fixing up the pool area behind the house and saw Cody in the yard next door I didn’t think a lot about it. He was cute but not in a model-type way. It’s an over-used word but the one I’d use is wholesome. He was wholesome looking, slender and fairly small for his age. I do remember noticing his eyes…they were bright but had this kind of vulnerable look.

Cody was doing some yard work, wearing baggy shorts of some kind and a t-shirt. At one point I thought maybe he was glancing over at me from the corner of his eye but when I’d look back his head would be down-turned and focused on the grass trim or something.

And that was it. No big wow moment or desire blazing across the fence or something. Just some kid next door who I gave a little wave to before I went back inside and got along with life in my new home.
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