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Clothes for the Adult Baby

I had some time last night to finish some of my early spring cleaning – emptying out a bunch of boxes from when I had renovated, mostly, and tossing all sorts of old papers, faded magazines and the other junk you collect for no real reason, it just sort of collects.

Now, I’m not a pack rat. I have a kind of Zen feeling to my house but there were a few things I simply stored away to sort another day. These included old boxes from when I was taking care of an adult baby, which goes back a few years now from before I moved.

Last week, I was surprised to find how many diapers I still had (I’m guessing at least a few hundred). This week, I was surprised to find I still had a fair number of clothing items.

(Mind you, I don’t have  nearly as many as I think I’d need if I had a little guy around the house.)

But it had me wondering about how adult babies respond and feel about wearing toddler or baby-like clothing. Maybe there would be a few things that would suit anyone – but don’t tastes in clothing vary from person to person just like for adults? Or does it matter to an AB? Is being babyish enough?
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Spring Cleaning: Diapers for the Adult Baby

The past few months have been really busy. I visited 6 cities on four trips over 5 weeks. I had to write my business plan for the coming years and it was a radical change from the past.

So when I found myself this weekend with a surprise holiday it was a welcome chance to take some time for myself. (I actually didn’t realize that today was a vacation day until Friday!)
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At the Lake in Diapers for the Adult Baby

It’s winter and I can’t help feeling like either heading somewhere warm and sitting by a pool with a good book or, at the very least, imagining the summer to come. This time of year leaves me feeling a little drab – nothing like slush and grey skies to make you feel like you’re slightly rumpled and salt stained.

But winter’s also the reason why summers are so amazing, at least in my part of the world. And summers by a lake bring back images of childhood.
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Boys Wet Their Pants: Why TB/DLs Can’t Stay Dry

For the adult or teen diaper lover, life doesn’t always let them wear their diapers as much as they’d like. Not every boy is lucky enough to wear 24/7, some don’t want to, and some aren’t able to because of their living situation. I hope that if I can be a ‘dad’ some day to a ‘son’ that they’ll feel safe enough and have an environment where their diapers feel like a natural and accepted part of life. I’d like my son to feel that he can express his little side and wear his diapers however he’s always dreamed.

So maybe it’s because they CAN’T always wear diapers that boys seem to have troubles keeping their pants dry.

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At the Beach in Adult Diapers

It’s winter where I am, and at this time of the year I start thinking about heading somewhere warm. I’m single and I don’t mind travelling alone, but I do miss the times when I could take Jay.

For Jay, a vacation gave an added sense of freedom – I could put him in diapers for the week or two that we were away and the vacation became a double reason to relax and celebrate.
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