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Diaper Checks and the Adult Baby

For the adult baby or diaper lover, the diaper check is a little moment in time when you might be reminded that you have someone who cares for you and that you have a special bond with your ‘dad’.

For dad, diaper checks are practical, sure. But they’re also very special moments.

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A Weekend with Daddy for the ‘Huggy’ Adult Baby

If you had a weekend with daddy what would it be like? If you had to capture the experience you were looking for how would you describe it?

I was thinking about this when I ran across a Web site for a nursery – a place where little guys or girls can go to be taken care of for an hour, a day or a weekend. Now, I know nothing about the place other than what I read on the Web site so this isn’t an endorsement or anything.

Their concept includes providing different ‘programs’ depending on someone’s needs and interests. For example, their “cutey” program is described like this:

This program is based on the Toddler stage. Activities are more versatile, as kids start becoming independent.

The equipment is adapted to adult-sized toddlers. Potty-training is a strong priority of this program. Food gets varied, as kids start discovering new sensations through touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste.

Tenderness and care are required to facilitate this growing period

Each of the programs includes a brief list of clothing, games and food and has an attached schedule depending on whether you were staying for an hour, a day or a weekend.

I found the list of programs somewhat inspiring. Different boys are often in different states of mind: some little guys have more ‘toddler-type’ feelings, or maybe they need more babying over a weekend.
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Leaky Diapers and the Adult Baby

No one likes a diaper that leaks – least of all a dad to an adult baby. Or do they? Maybe some adult baby boys kind of – well, LIKE it when their diapers leak.

To be honest, this has often been a real point of insecurity for me. Noticing that a little guy has a dark spot on the back of his jeans or play clothes or a tell tale wet spot along his inner legs makes me wonder whether I’ve neglected him in some way.

Maybe I chose the wrong kind of diaper or the wrong kind for the time of day. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough making sure it was snug around the legs. Or maybe my diaper checks weren’t frequent enough and I wasn’t aware he was already wet and I left it to get to the ‘soaked’ point.
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Cody the Diaper Boy Next Door (Part 4)

Previous chapters: one, two, and three.

“So what will it be? Diaper or no diaper?”

Now, throw a question like that out to the general population and you can be reasonably sure what the answer is. Throw it out to a 20-year old boy, and he might throw it right back at you with a punch to the chin.

But this wasn’t any ordinary 20-year old, and the look on his face pretty much told the story: the kid wasn’t boiling up and ready to throw a punch.

He was, instead…. undecided. Or maybe not undecided exactly, but undecided about whether to say yes.

I wasn’t sure for a minute whether this would work and I felt like I was in the middle of a chess game or something, only this game had three players: myself, Cody, and his gramma Joan.

Joan was convinced that all the Cody needed was a bit of influence from an older guy, someone he maybe looked up to a bit, and she had pegged me as that guy. Sure, I was the nice man next door, but I was also someone who Cody had gravitated towards a little over the past weeks – hanging out in the early evenings, and apparently unable to stop talking about me at the dinner table.

For myself, Cody had triggered a protective instinct that I didn’t really know I had: seeing how he had wet his pants that day in the driveway and noticing that he was wearing diapers in the days that followed had opened up a wellspring of feelings. And while those feelings had lots of different layers, there was one thing that seemed pretty simple: I wanted to take care of the boy even if it meant changing the diapers of a 20-year old.

And then there was Cody.

And that was the mystery at the heart of it all: because why did a good looking kid with a winning smile find himself back in diapers every now and then? What led to the wet beds and pants? And how come he seemed, well, so darn happy once he was diapered up again?
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Saturday Morning with the Adult Baby

When I was growing up cartoons were an excuse, really, for the parents to sleep in. The kids had a distraction, they could survive on cereal, and only once did I almost burn the house down when the toast got stuck in the toaster and I was too wrapped up in Mighty Mouse to notice.

But as an adult, I’m not much for sleeping in. And with an adult baby in the house, I would have even less reason to do so: Saturdays can be such an incredibly special day with a little guy around and I would hardly want to miss the fun.

(A nap in the afternoon after I put in him in his crib for one of his own is another matter).

But I’ve been thinking about Saturday around the house, and while it would be fun to let a son sit around in his sleeper watching cartoons, I think there are some other ways to make him feel that he really is daddy’s special little guy.
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Adopting the Adult Baby

Writing this blog has been such a wonderful experience for me. I started it because for years now I’ve explored different sides of who I am and have come to realize a few things: one, caring for someone else gave me some of the greatest joy I’ve experienced; and two, although I sometimes resist it, I’ve always been more of a ‘dad’.

Since inviting your questions and comments, I’ve also discovered that there are a lot more little boys out there who feel the opposite: who they are is who they are, and that they’re looking for, at the least, is a caretaker, time with a ‘dad’, or maybe, just maybe, to be ‘adopted’.
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