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What Kind of Adult Baby Are You?

I’ve been so amazed and touched by the questions and comments from people who have read this blog, or who have e-mailed me about their feelings and experiences. One of the reasons I started this blog was that I couldn’t find much advice for dads to adult babies/diaper lovers.

Actually – that isn’t true, and thus this post. Because there are definitely dads out there, I just don’t relate to some of their ways of expressing their relationship to a little one. I do feel that all forms of expression and care are valid and provide rich opportunities for personal exploration. But there are some things about being a daddy that I just don’t feel suit my personality or interests.

In particular, I’m very focused on nurturing, caring, love, and approval. When people ask me about ‘punishments’ my response is usually to say that positive reinforcement, structure, guidance and approval work better than what a ‘stricter’ daddy might provide.

Now, for all you little ones out there, this is probably a lot more of a dad-to-dad talk so you might want to go watch cartoons. But if you can’t help peeking over daddy’s shoulder as he does serious adult type stuff maybe the scribbles will make sense.
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Adopting the Adult Baby

Writing this blog has been such a wonderful experience for me. I started it because for years now I’ve explored different sides of who I am and have come to realize a few things: one, caring for someone else gave me some of the greatest joy I’ve experienced; and two, although I sometimes resist it, I’ve always been more of a ‘dad’.

Since inviting your questions and comments, I’ve also discovered that there are a lot more little boys out there who feel the opposite: who they are is who they are, and that they’re looking for, at the least, is a caretaker, time with a ‘dad’, or maybe, just maybe, to be ‘adopted’.
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What’s Daddy Thinking: Why You Mean the World to Me

Last night I was out with friends. Went for dinner, a coffee after, that kind of thing. One of my friends remarked: “You’re in a really good mood” and I just kind of smiled.

See, you do something to me. You specifically, even if we’ve never talked. You make me feel as if maybe, just maybe, people in the world really want a bit of attention and care once you strip away all the careers and cynicism, the mistakes and the grinding things that make up life.

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What Daddy’s Thinking: Creating Safety for the Adult Baby

When an adult baby wakes up in his crib I like to think that it can be like waking from the warmth of sleep and dreams into a sense of safety and security. But there’s a time before that moment, and I’m reminded of it this morning. It’s the time when daddy is awake and his little guy is still sound asleep, paci in his mouth and curled up under his blanky.

It’s in that space just before dawn where daddy can sometimes feel alone but, if he’s lucky, can also remember his connection to something big and important and wonderful.

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Diapers at School for the Adult/Teen Baby

Should a diaper lover or teen/adult baby wear diapers to school? Is it too dangerous to wear your diapers around friends?

The answer will depend on so many things, but my simple answer is ‘yes’ a boy should wear diapers to school. But before you think I’m asking you to do something that you can’t or shouldn’t, let me explain.

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Thumb Sucking and the Teen or Adult Baby

As a ‘dad’, I’ve often wondered why an adult or teen baby or diaper lover will often, quite instinctively, suck their thumb. In the absence of a pacifier, a boy will just naturally bring their thumb to their lips when their diaper is being changed, or when dad is snuggling them on the couch. I wonder what the feeling is that makes a boy start to suck their thumb as if it’s just a reflex reaction.
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In Plain Sight: Storing Diapers for the Adult Baby

I’ve noticed in forums for adult babies and diaper lovers that there’s often a lot of discussion of where they hide their diapers, or where they USED to hide them, especially when they were younger or still lived with family. (These stories are almost as common as stories about buying the diapers in the first place!)

For the dad to the adult baby, the choice of diaper is an important responsibility – but where to STORE the diapers can be equally important.
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