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Diaper Checks and the Adult Baby

For the adult baby or diaper lover, the diaper check is a little moment in time when you might be reminded that you have someone who cares for you and that you have a special bond with your ‘dad’.

For dad, diaper checks are practical, sure. But they’re also very special moments.

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Why You’re So Special: Acceptance and the Adult Baby

The way you hold your favorite stuffed toy close to your chest, the way you smile when daddy pats your diapered bum, the blush of pleasure you get as you sit in your high chair and the bib is tied around your neck, and the way you hide underneath the blanket fort in the living room with one foot sticking out – these things don’t just make me smile, they remind me of how special you are, and what a gift you bring to the world.

As a daddy, I don’t see an adult who acts like a baby or toddler or little boy. I don’t see a role that is turned on or off. I see someone with a magical gift for finding those places inside where we find healing and joy and play.
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Spring Time for the Adult Baby

The first sign of spring where I’m from and people dig out their shorts, clear off the patios, and head out doors. There’s something really nice about the delayering that happens after a long winter – the bulky coats come off, the sweaters, and people look less like marshmallows and more like people.

But for the adult baby, spring time is also decision time, because as everyone else is slimming down and seeing if they can still fit into last summer’s jeans, the diaper wearer is back in a situation where the clothing they wear can lead to a tell-tale bulge, or the little white crinkly band of plastic above the waist of their jeans can often show.

For the daddy to an adult baby or diaper lover, there are big decisions related to going out with your little guy: how do you dress him? Should he be fully diapered or are Goodnites enough?
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Answers Revealed: Questions for Daddy from Adult Babies

Adult babies have a lot of questions for dads. I didn’t realize that there were so many things a little guy might want to know about, and I’ve learned an incredible amount from the questions themselves.

I know that not everyone clicks on the little ‘ask daddy’ link, so I thought I’d share a few of my responses here. And thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful questions, they really make me feel special and proud of all of you! (I know that may sound a little cheesy but it’s true.)

OK, so a few of your questions, answered:

Q: Dear Daddy, In reference to your article on boys and wet diapers, I think we like to be in wet ones because it reminds us we are boys in need of your help.

How often to you check boy’s diapers? Is there an unkown signal boys give off or do you just know?

Little guys definitely give off lots of signals – a slight extra waddle to their step, relaxation in the lower back, the way their head tilts. It’s as if their wet diaper is the place from which feelings arise that let their muscles relax into a more babyish, playful tone. And then their little shuffles and movements as they maybe squirm a little in their seat is often a signal of their body shifting in awareness of their wet pampers.

But regardless of those signals, when you’re with a little guy for a while and he uses his diapers regularly, there are often rhythms that a daddy learns to spot. As he uses his diapers and gets used to them, the wettings tend to become more frequent, rather than one “big flood”. I think you learn to know a little guy’s rhythms as time goes on.

But finally, I like to do diaper checks fairly regularly. Even if I know he’s probably dry, it’s like a little kiss to say I love him in my books, and since I love him soooo much I can’t help fairly frequent diaper checks – a little tuck of my fingers along the waist or leg openings as he plays just to reaffirm that I’ll be there for him when he wets and should feel safe to use his diaper as a little boy does.
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Adult Babies and Training Pants

The adult baby boy slips into the washroom in the morning. On the toilet (because why would he need to lift the seat?) he sees his clothes for the day neatly folded: blue jeans, a shirt that looks ‘cool’ but whose stripes remind him of a toddler outfit, a pair of socks, a belt and – a training diaper.

After a hot shower he gets himself ready – teeth, hair, dressed and calls out “Daddy! I’m ready!” His dad pops in for a quick look, tossles his hair, and lifts up his shirt so he can check that the boy’s diaper sticks out just a little above the waist band of his jeans and then gives the boy a kiss on his cheek.

Babies Everywhere
It’s another day of the week for the adult baby. But in case you thought that all little guys toddle off to school or work in a onesie with a pacifier clipped to it with a ribbon, then you should probably look around: there’s probably an adult baby in the office next door, but you’d never know it!

Or walk down the hallway of your nearby college to spot the AB/DLs – but you’ll probably have to listen for the tell-tale crinkle to find one!

I did a quick scan of people I know on Facebook and different forums, and there are at least a handful of AB/DLs at each major school near me, and that’s based just on people who are active online in connecting and posting about their AB/DL interests. So whether it’s school or work, your little guy probably isn’t alone, and he won’t be the ONLY one with his diapers on under his jeans.
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Cody the Diaper Boy Next Door (Part 4)

Previous chapters: one, two, and three.

“So what will it be? Diaper or no diaper?”

Now, throw a question like that out to the general population and you can be reasonably sure what the answer is. Throw it out to a 20-year old boy, and he might throw it right back at you with a punch to the chin.

But this wasn’t any ordinary 20-year old, and the look on his face pretty much told the story: the kid wasn’t boiling up and ready to throw a punch.

He was, instead…. undecided. Or maybe not undecided exactly, but undecided about whether to say yes.

I wasn’t sure for a minute whether this would work and I felt like I was in the middle of a chess game or something, only this game had three players: myself, Cody, and his gramma Joan.

Joan was convinced that all the Cody needed was a bit of influence from an older guy, someone he maybe looked up to a bit, and she had pegged me as that guy. Sure, I was the nice man next door, but I was also someone who Cody had gravitated towards a little over the past weeks – hanging out in the early evenings, and apparently unable to stop talking about me at the dinner table.

For myself, Cody had triggered a protective instinct that I didn’t really know I had: seeing how he had wet his pants that day in the driveway and noticing that he was wearing diapers in the days that followed had opened up a wellspring of feelings. And while those feelings had lots of different layers, there was one thing that seemed pretty simple: I wanted to take care of the boy even if it meant changing the diapers of a 20-year old.

And then there was Cody.

And that was the mystery at the heart of it all: because why did a good looking kid with a winning smile find himself back in diapers every now and then? What led to the wet beds and pants? And how come he seemed, well, so darn happy once he was diapered up again?
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Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby

For the diaper lover or adult baby the security of their diaper must come from a lot of things. The feeling that they have ‘protection’, that maybe there’s someone to care for them, feelings of both dependence (on a caretaker) and independence (from that awful potty).

But for a daddy, one thing I’m never quite sure about is why a little boy often seems just as happy in a wet diaper as a dry one.
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