About and Rules

This blog has been created because I have found very little written about or in support of the ‘dad’ in the AB relationship. While there are articles on topics related to “submission”, they tend to come from the perspective of BDSM which, as I hope will be clear from my posts, is not an interest of mine personally.

I have had the chance to “be” a dad and to care for another man who played the role of my son. I have also played this role on-line and this blog starts during a period during which one such on-line discussion has been insightful and emotional. I would also like to experience being a dad again in a ‘real life’ setting.

I am a healthy, active and successful person and am happy in my life and place in society. I hope that by sharing my hopes, fears, confusions and expectations here that I might be able to provide something to the available discussion of AB/DLs and in particular the perspective of the adult role in those relationships.

I am a gay male in my early 40’s who has been, and would like to be, a caretaker or ‘dad’ to a son (a legal-aged male) who wishes to be babied.

About AB/DLs
Yes – this site is about adult babies (ABs) and diaper lovers (DLs) – terms used to refer to adults who role play or who have a fetish regarding age regression or diapers.  It’s not a site about children. References to children, to ‘sons’ or to ‘boys’ are references to adults playing those roles unless otherwise noted.

Like many alternate sexualities and tastes, this can be off-putting to some, confusing to others, intriguing perhaps, and something that many can instantly relate to (many more than you would think!)

I do not feel a need, however, to justify an alternate world-view to anyone and this site does not welcome intolerance of this subject or of others.

Privacy and Commerce
This site has no commercial affiliations and I don’t need any! I will never put ads or accept sponsorship or money for this blog. Your use of your e-mail address in order to comment on posts or ‘subscribe’ is for administrative use only and will never be shared with another person, never sold, and never given out, even to a close friend. Your privacy is sacrosanct to me.

Because the forums are moderated it may require your e-mail address to post. The subscribe function is an automated WordPress thing which will send you updates via e-mail so you can know when I have added to the site. This information, again, will not be sold, shared, given out other than within whatever terms of service govern WordPress – and I feel that those terms are well-aligned with the goals of this blog and will change my use of these features if I ever have reason to believe otherwise.

Moderation and Rules
Comments are moderated for the reasons noted above: to avoid spammers, griefers, trolls, and people who don’t understand the community. While I’m not sure how many people will read this blog on any sort of frequent basis, I’m going to reserve the right to keep any discussion that occurs within whatever range I see as appropriate to facilitating healthy dialog and sharing.

I don’t see why anyone would, but just to have it down here, the contents of this site are copyright and subject to the appropriate laws related to copyright protection and fair use.

16 thoughts on “About and Rules

  1. No Tyler, you don’t need to be a member. If you want to receive e-mail updates to know when a new post is online you can subscribe at the right….but otherwise this blog is open and public. 🙂

  2. i would love to find a daddy to be his baby boys.willing to relocate for the right daddy an all.i live in ohio an i have been an adult or a baby all my life.24/7 diapered an go out this way everyday.so if there is any daddys out there looking for a lil baby boy feel free to drop me a line an a phone number an i will get ahold of you soon.huggies an good luck babyscottie

    1. To baby Scottie my daddy and I want to open are home to another baby boy. You would be my baby brother I am 4 years old but still in diapers cause I have a very hard time staying dry. please e-mail me at babyeddie71@yahoo.com if you are still looking for a daddy and want to have a big brother as well

  3. I understand and have been through many of the same things you have.

    i am a 61 year old mostly stra8 DL(1 on the Kinsey scale)
    i was a almost nightly bed wetter and some time day accidents till age 12 and have been hooked ever since.
    being also a life long nudist i for the last 50 years have been open about wearing diapers following the 50 mile rule from home.
    as kid i wore openly because of the day time accidents and most of the other kids at the nudist camps the family went to knew that i wore and had seen me diapered.
    when i go to one of a number of nude beaches or hot springs i alway go diapered for the trip and wet by the time i get there.
    i get undressed at regular nude beach or hot springs like everyone else but instead of underwear i am wearing and take off a diaper.
    but at some nude beaches and hot springs i go to there are areas where gay. fetish and kinky people hang out.
    Guys in dresses, womans underwear, gays with full erections, swingers. ect ect
    In these areas i may just keep wearing my diaper all day.
    I have had guys and gals stop and talk and some time park there towels and spend the day or or some time talking.
    I have also had a few of these people stand there talking with me and pee for me to watch.
    Any time i get one of these that stop to talk its fun to watch there eyes and watch them checking out my diaper.

    if these people get interested enough and hang around i will pee my diaper and change it while they watch.
    i always carry plenty of diapers and have had a few guys and gals that ask to try a diaper and i have diapered them up and changed there diaper after they had wet them.

  4. I am baby at heart looking for special someone to treat me as their baby. I love wearing my diapers, being dress, getting feed, play time and taking naps. I also love to cuddle.

    I live in Tx willing to move if anyone want me.

  5. Does anyone know where a story went. I don’t remember the full exact tittle all I remember I rent a lodge one of the characters was named Tim that’s pretty much it.

  6. Wow Daddy and I thought this site was no longer running. I use to love looking at this site with daddy. My daddy is awesome he is a caring person and yet a strong person in my life. I look up to him every day. He is an insperation to me and I love him to death.

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