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Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Dale

Dale is one of those kids that’s always coming or going. While not a natural athlete, Dale is a fanatic for skateboarding, snowboarding, and whatever other sport he can latch on to. He’s a bundle of energy and usually has a big infectious grin on his face.

His high energy will come at a price to any daddy who adopts him and can’t keep pace!

Dale imagines that there’s nothing better than playing hoops with a dad or hitting the ski slopes for the weekend. But don’t let his energy completely fool you.

Like a lot of the boys at the adoption center, what Dale needs more than anything else is someone who will give him some quiet time, attention and structure. Dale needs someone who can set guidelines for homework, bed time, and will keep an eye on whether he’s brushing his teeth and keeping his room tidy.

Dale is in his diapers full time. Although the Center’s staff has gently checked whether Dale might be willing to be potty trained, the answer was an emphatic no from the little dynamo.

He’s fully accepting that he’ll need his diapers full time and that he needs a dad to change him and care for him.

So if you don’t mind a lot of activity but some quiet nights cuddling a little fellow, consider adopting Dale.

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