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Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby

For the diaper lover or adult baby the security of their diaper must come from a lot of things. The feeling that they have ‘protection’, that maybe there’s someone to care for them, feelings of both dependence (on a caretaker) and independence (from that awful potty).

But for a daddy, one thing I’m never quite sure about is why a little boy often seems just as happy in a wet diaper as a dry one.

I suppose I’ll chalk it up to a baby boy not really knowing the difference. And yet, I can’t help notice the little blush he gets and how his body seems to curl up a little when he wets. His head often nods down shyly, or he’ll go suddenly quiet and maybe start sucking his thumb.

Wearing Diapers and Natural Wetting
For some adult babies, I guess the experience of wetting is a release – maybe there’s some concentration at using his diaper like a good little boy should, and when he finally feels that little tingle there’s a sort of satisfaction.

For others, maybe using the diaper is more natural (or maybe he needs diapers for medical or other reasons). In those cases, he might still need to concentrate a little but it moves to the back of his mind and becomes an almost semi-conscious act.

Now, I don’t think there’s any “ideal”. But I can’t help feeling that some ABs might like to get to the point where they wear diapers fairly often and wetting becomes natural and sub-conscious. Whether an AB wants their daddy to help them get to that point depends on the person.

Knowing When You’re Wet
So, depending on the circumstances, a little guy will either be aware he’s wetting or not. But regardless, at some point he feels the spreading warmth as he wets, even if it’s only for a bit as his thick diaper absorbs the liquid. In the case of day diapers, trainer pants or (heaven forbid) undies, the feeling will become even more pronounced.

But what is it about what happens after? Because often a boy seems to enjoy being in his wet diaper.

When daddy asks “Do you need a change?” to a toddler or little boy and he shakes his head “No” in a certain way, it often turns out that when you go to check his diaper is pretty damp if not soaked.

It’s only when his diaper is almost soggy enough to reach his ankles that he’ll nod “yes” (and daddy will feel guilty that he didn’t check him more often!)

So …I may not know why, but what I do know is that for daddy, regular diaper checks are pretty much the rule of thumb because you can’t always rely on your little one to come and tug at your arm and say, with his eyes, that he needs a change.

12 thoughts on “Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby

  1. Usually when I shake my head “no” and even when you come check on the diaper that is most often wet, it’s because I like the feeling of a wet diaper. Baby boys are like that. The feeling of wetness and even being messy is enjoyable!

    1. *Nods*

      It seems like messy diapers in particular put a little guy in a very babyish feeling maybe even more than wetting, at least for little guys who use their diapers for that.

      Is that true Inky?

    2. i wear plastic diapers because the outer plastic feels good i started wearing diapers back when i was 12 when my mom caught me and told me in that angry voice ” do you want to wear diapers agian ” and i said ” yes ” back so she bought diapers for me now im 17 and i still pee my diapers and some times my girlfriend wears them with me so we some times have you know what in diapers its fun and trust me its emmbaresing at first but when you say it your parents will do it and it stays theres and your lil secrect even my brothers dont know because i lock my dead blot every time

  2. ur right again about babies enjoying their wet diapers. if i wake up in the night and dont feel wet im like all disappointed because i love it when it feels all soggy down there. sometimes when i wake up in the morning i like it if i have some pee left so i can enjoy feeling letting it go out in my diaper. i love how it feels so warm going down between my legs and spreading out across my bottom.

    if i wear diapers during the day for fun i dont want anybody to change me till im totally soaked and about to leak. thats why we say “no” when u ask us if we’re wet. we don’t want to be changed yet. i want to feel like a wet baby as long as i can before it leaks. if i can do it, i even like to wait till i soak my pants before i get changed. of course, i even like wetting my pants when i dont have diapers, especially if its in jeans. feeling pee running down there gives u that wet baby feel thats soo good u just want to make it perfect is why we suck r thumb when we do it.

    so maybe other tbs mean “don’t change me yet” too when they tell u “no” when u ask if they r wet. but if u need to change us because u dont want us to wet r pants or the furniture, we will enjoy a nice diaper change too. i might tease u by running to hide to see if i can get away with keeping my diaper wet some more, but i always do what grownups want me to do if they say.

  3. omgoodness ur so right. ususally to go peepee i have to stand.. but im hoping that after some time with daddy that itll come naturally.. i think the only reason i do it standing up is because im afraid to leak.. this is the worst possible situation with me when im diapered… its scary bacause you wonder what daddy would think and you become concerned because the things that were supposed to protect you (diapers) didnt do their job. .. all in all your an amazing daddy and i love reading your posts ❤

  4. there is something really comforting about knowing that just cause you go peepee once, doesn’t mean the diaper can’t hold more. in a way, it kinda makes me feel even more little knowing that my diaper is big enough or thick enough to hold several wettings.

    daddy’s post also reminded me of what a dl friend told me a long time ago about when i go peepee in my diaper concentrate a little on NOT squeezing out the last few drops the way we were taught to when potty trained. by just relaxing and letting it dribble out the way babies do it kinda recreates the most babyish of feelings.

    i just know that when i’m in a wet diaper its a way to show daddy that i really AM a baby!

  5. i think the sense of knowing that we have used our diapers makes us kind of proud and that is why we say know when indeed we are a little wet. Also when the diaper is a little bit wet it gets a bit more puffy which happens to make them feel more comfy. Another thing is especially with a lot of disposable brands the diaper tends to suck the wetness away from the body into the middle section of the diaper just under the outer layer which causes the diaper to feel more dry to the wearer.

    for me wet diapers are fun to wear for a little while but dirty/messy diapers on the other hand ~ Daddy change me right away please. I try not to mess my diapers but sometimes accidents happen.

  6. Great post but what happened to the story about Cody ?

    Please finish unless I have missed something.

    Thanks for a fab blog.

    Dadda Windman

  7. Great post but what happened to the story about Cody ?

    Please finish it unless I have missed something.

    Thanks for a fab blog.

    Dadda Windman

  8. I am new to this, but love it. I have always had a thing for diapers, and I finally thought, why not try it. I have watched several youtube videos of diaper wetting and get aroused. I have just bought and wet my first diaper and to be honest, I dont want to take it off.

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