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Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies: Carlson

Carlson is a really special boy at the Adult Baby Adoption Center. With a great disposition and endless curiosity, he’d be happy in any loving home.

Carlson likes playing computer games, baseball, and listening to music. His ideal day would either be a visit to the ballpark with dad, or a visit to an amusement park with a “super huge” roller coaster.

Carlson needs a bit of special care, however. While he’s sometimes insistent that he’s ready for ‘big boy’ pants, history tells a different story. Carlson sure is a determined little guy, but he isn’t advanced enough to know when he needs to use the facilities. He’s often seen at the Adoption Center checking his diaper and then getting a little surprised look when he realizes he’s wet.

But this shouldn’t deter a loving dad. Carlson never kicks up a fuss – he just wants to please whoever will take care of him. Assuring him that it’s OK that he needs his diapers as protection will go a long way with the little guy.

If a devoted, hopeful and yet often vulnerable boy is what you’re looking for, then consider adopting Carlson and give him the guidance and approval he needs.

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  1. could you help me find a brother to pway wif cause i need one badly im a young but very atractive boy who needs a daddy to willing to do any thing a boy can do and carl is cute to

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