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Boys Wet Their Pants: Why TB/DLs Can’t Stay Dry

For the adult or teen diaper lover, life doesn’t always let them wear their diapers as much as they’d like. Not every boy is lucky enough to wear 24/7, some don’t want to, and some aren’t able to because of their living situation. I hope that if I can be a ‘dad’ some day to a ‘son’ that they’ll feel safe enough and have an environment where their diapers feel like a natural and accepted part of life. I’d like my son to feel that he can express his little side and wear his diapers however he’s always dreamed.

So maybe it’s because they CAN’T always wear diapers that boys seem to have troubles keeping their pants dry.

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12 thoughts on “Boys Wet Their Pants: Why TB/DLs Can’t Stay Dry

  1. A lot of the times its not that we hold it in intentionally till we have to run to the potty or reep the uh oh i had an accident moment… a lot of times for me atleast i dont get a feeling for the need to pee until just before my bladder is about to let loose at full speed ahead. And at that point there is no hope but a very wet diaper or a wet floor as well has having super wet pants as well.

  2. Aww sure, that’s true enough Donnie – for some boys it really isn’t their fault at all, they just truly can’t hold it. I wonder if you mostly wear diapers or protection to help you out.

  3. sometimes i just wet my pants because it feels so good doing it. if im coming home from somewhere (almost anywhere) i love it when i need to go pee like really, really, bad so i cant really stop it and i just pee my pants. its like a game i make up for myself where i hold it too long so it will happen. sometimes its like really embarrassing when somebody sees i did it, but its worth it because it lets me have that feeling from when i was little and it happened to me. i love feeling the warm pee getting me wet and running down between my legs. it only feels good for just a few minutes tho because u have to change pretty soon or it feels yucky. if u have somebody to help u its sort of a way to tell them u want to be a baby and maybe they will put a diaper on u. if u dont have anybody, u just have to pretend u do and do it urself.

  4. Why should anyone be forced to potty train? I believe that if they can’t or they don’t wish to toilet train, and wish to continue wearing diapers indefinitely, then diapers, it is.

  5. im not uky enuf to get to whear diapers when i won to my mom and stepdad do not alow me to hav them i dont need them i just like the way it feels to wet them and play with myself in the wetnes andhav full cuntroll i can hold it all day literaly hoping to wet im 19 now and never hav accidents i was payed to get poty traind so i was out of diapers in the midl od 2end grade……..rilly wish u had ben my dad at lest u have a full understanding i also hav a thing for looking at boys around my age in diapers im not gay and hav no ataction to anyone at all rilly pleas email me

  6. I am not luckey enough to wear diapers at all my sister use to have bet wetting problems and I snuck her pullups then she stoped wetting and now I even talked to my parents I can’t get back in diapers

  7. I wear skinney pants and cannot wear a diaper. I often wear black skinny pants in case of an accident. The other night I went to see a concert TOOL. My friend drinks a lot of beer and he treated me to two. Beer makes me pee. During the concert I wet my pants because I did not want to leave and miss any of the songs. I wet my black skinny pants twice. After the concert was over and the lights came on the dude behind me taped me on the shoulder and told me that he thought it was cool that i wet my pants. My friend never knew I wet my pants even on the shuttel bus back home I was still very wet.

  8. I wet my bed every night. My mo m makes me wear two diapers and plastic panties to bed cause i’m still a baby at night. All our neighbors know cause mom puts them on the line after she washes them.

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