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Diaper Checks and the Adult Baby

For the adult baby or diaper lover, the diaper check is a little moment in time when you might be reminded that you have someone who cares for you and that you have a special bond with your ‘dad’.

For dad, diaper checks are practical, sure. But they’re also very special moments.

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Regression and the Adult Baby

I’ve had questions about what a daddy would do to help a little guy regress, and although I write a lot on this blog about what I’d do to try to give a little guy a safe, trusting and caring space in which to express his little side I realize that the question is, in some ways, more specific than that.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me if I ramble a little here because this is a topic that is hard to express in words. Regression has so many different sides to it, and maybe it’s more appropriate for the dads out there to think through.

Becoming Baby
The first thing about regression is to understand that the sense of being an adult baby is different in different people.

For some, they may be primarily a diaper lover with some tendencies towards having a caretaker.

In a previous post, I mapped out the different types of adult babies and diaper lovers. These would be the boys who respond more to feelings of being under control than pure regression.

Maybe you’re the kind of boy who has always loved his diapers and doesn’t mind having a play date with someone else who feels the same way. Maybe your thoughts of being with a dad is more about having someone who provides a sense of guidance, control and authority in your life.

It’s less about being a little boy and more about the feeling of being safer maybe when you have someone you can look up to. For these guys, having a dad who babies them or treats them like a little boy is about expressing feelings between the dad and the son. Being dressed in toddler clothes might give someone a tangible way to feel the ways in which they can state their “littleness” to the older figure.

It’s less about bringing out the little guy INSIDE and more about being a little boy on the OUTSIDE so that dad can see. The fact that this will trigger feelings of being a little guy is important, however.
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Why You’re So Special: Acceptance and the Adult Baby

The way you hold your favorite stuffed toy close to your chest, the way you smile when daddy pats your diapered bum, the blush of pleasure you get as you sit in your high chair and the bib is tied around your neck, and the way you hide underneath the blanket fort in the living room with one foot sticking out – these things don’t just make me smile, they remind me of how special you are, and what a gift you bring to the world.

As a daddy, I don’t see an adult who acts like a baby or toddler or little boy. I don’t see a role that is turned on or off. I see someone with a magical gift for finding those places inside where we find healing and joy and play.
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What’s Daddy Thinking: The Soaked Sleeper and the Adult Baby

No matter how much daddy might try, he’ll never be able to prevent the occasional night time diaper flooding.

As a daddy to adult babies and diaper lovers, this might cause some distress. Maybe the diapers aren’t the right kind, they weren’t taped up properly, they need extra boosters or your little guy was already wet when you put him down for the night?

I know I’ve come in to find a boy with his Toy Story comforter pulled up to his chin and when I pull it pack I find that the little guy has soaked his Goodnites, his PJs AND the bed!
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Weekend Wardrobe for the ‘Huggy’ Adult Baby

adult baby footies diapers and diaper covers

In my last post, I wrote about the different types of daddy/adult baby experiences. One of them, the ‘huggy’ experience is all about comfort, care and babying. Now, I don’t want to leave all you toddlers and little kids out there stranded, so I’ll write more soon about experiences that include more play, adventures, and maybe even (*gasp*) training pants.

In the meantime I spent a lot of this week running back and forth to the post office to pick up parcels. Stuff that I ordered months ago seemed to arrive at the same time as things I ordered week back.

I decided to pick out a few of the things that I got in the mail this week and share them with you. I’ve chosen the stuff that feels more “huggy-like” as a way of following up on my last post.
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A Weekend with Daddy for the ‘Huggy’ Adult Baby

If you had a weekend with daddy what would it be like? If you had to capture the experience you were looking for how would you describe it?

I was thinking about this when I ran across a Web site for a nursery – a place where little guys or girls can go to be taken care of for an hour, a day or a weekend. Now, I know nothing about the place other than what I read on the Web site so this isn’t an endorsement or anything.

Their concept includes providing different ‘programs’ depending on someone’s needs and interests. For example, their “cutey” program is described like this:

This program is based on the Toddler stage. Activities are more versatile, as kids start becoming independent.

The equipment is adapted to adult-sized toddlers. Potty-training is a strong priority of this program. Food gets varied, as kids start discovering new sensations through touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste.

Tenderness and care are required to facilitate this growing period

Each of the programs includes a brief list of clothing, games and food and has an attached schedule depending on whether you were staying for an hour, a day or a weekend.

I found the list of programs somewhat inspiring. Different boys are often in different states of mind: some little guys have more ‘toddler-type’ feelings, or maybe they need more babying over a weekend.
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